Doily days launch party !


Had a lovely time at the launch party for Doily Days Magazine third issue!

The venue was FunFair in Brighton, which was perfect! The atmosphere was amazing with Dawn Vintage Do singing, covered with feathers at one point, shimmying all the while as she owned the stage with her presence and voice! The dance floor was just as noteworthy: swing dancers, vintage dresses, all manner of props and costumes! It really did feel like the set of  a 50’s film!

There were a lot of talented photographers taking full advantage of the mood and theme of the evening, one that particularly stood out: Velvet Storm Photography, a successful company based in Eastbourne. Their vintage shoots really stand out! Have a look at their page. 


One of my favorite features, and a highlight of the night was the photo booth, SUCH FUN! You get a few seconds to choose a prop amidst rapid fire photography, they say a photo is worth a thousand words, well words can’t describe some of these! Well worth a look into if you’re planning an event, really spice up the party!

 Check them out


What is a party without food? Well this launch party was no exception. Cupcakes, marshmallows, cakes and meringues a plenty! So many tasty treats all mouth wateringly naughty!

Can’t wait for the next issue!

Thank you Doily Days!

Jam And Tea 

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