Adding a little kitsch to an event and life

 At Jam and Tea we love Kitsch why not introduce it to your home or add a sprinkle of fun to an occasion.

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The definition of Kitsch

The concept of kitsch is applied to artwork that was a response to the 19th-century art with aesthetics that convey exaggerated sentimentalityand melodrama, hence, kitsch art is closely associated with sentimental art. Kitsch is also related to the concept of camp, because of its humorous, ironic nature.

 Poms poms 


For something cheap and cheerful and really effective for an event or in your home ,why dont makes some pom poms .Its so easy.COME EVERYONE SHAKE YOUR POM POMS !

For the flowers 



Why not make something beautiful for the home/garden/occasion and be friendly to the environment! Its so simple, Firstly save your glass bottles ,I like to save my coco cola bottles, it give that kitsch feel, plus it gives me an excuse to buy coco cola in bottles yummy ! Secondly make sure they are clean and dry.Thirdly prime the bottles on the outside the bottle and give the primer a day to completely dry.Last of all, have fun and paint whatever colour your heart desires .Another way if you want a shiny bottle effect, pour paint into the bottle and generally move the bottle around to cover the inside completely .

Have fun !!!

spray away 


If your feeling very kitsch inspired why not recycle some old toys , or amazing excuse to go charity shop hunting.A cheap and effective way to brighten the home in a unique way. Its simple spray paint +toy = kitsch decoration.


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