D.I.Y Butterfly Bell Jar

DIY Butterfly Bell-Jar

I saw this gorgeous butterfly bell jar in Design Sponge at Home. But it’s made with real butterflies and they are really expensive, and delicate to boot! But i loved the look of the jar. Not thinking i could ever make one. So here’s my version of a DIY Butterfly Bell-jar….


Oh….and how could i forget!? You need a bell jar! 

Step 1:


Step 2:


Step 3:

Glue fabric to foam, and then hot glue fabric covered base to the bottom of the bell jar.



IMPORTANT: Just make sure the bell jar glass top fits over the foam base once it is covered!


Step 4 :

Again with the hot glue gun, start gluing your butterflies to the tops of the wire.


Step 5:

Decide where you want your butterflies to sit and using a wire cutter, trim your wire accordingly. Place your wire in the foam base and then add more glue to the base to secure it in place.



Step 6:

Add your message. I hand drew mine onto kraft paper and coloured it in using a white gel pen. I then cut it out and hot glued the bottom of the paper to the base.



Put the top of your bell jar back on and ta-da! You now have a gorgeous statement piece for your table. Or you can give it away as a gift….


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